Bravely Default

A Review of Bravely Default

There’s a lot I could say about Bravely Default, all of which would be positive, but I’ll try to keep things brief given the space I’m allotted. The long and the short of it is that this game makes for an amazing RPG. As someone who has always loved this genre the most, they can easily be disappointing or fall short of your standards. Bravely Default does neither though. Instead it provided a lot to work with and plenty to enjoy the entire time.

To begin with, perhaps all you really need to know about Bravely Default is that it was originally supposed to be part of the Final Fantasy franchise. At some point, though, the developers decided it just made more sense to push this title on its own. However, and again, as a big RPG fan, if this title had been made into the next Final Fantasy, I can confidently say it would’ve been the best version in years. Easily.

At first, this game actually seemed kind of simplistic. After, we’re talking about a game for the 3DS. It’s not that the platform can’t put out some pretty decent RPGs, but it’s also easy to be disappointed by some of them too. That’s just the reality.

The game is definitely simplistic in terms of the controls. For example, every turn you can choose the default move (which is just to block and take on a Battle Point) or you can choose to be “brave” and expand the point for another attack.

When you combine this mechanic with Bravely Default’s Job feature, it becomes easy to get lost in the game’s overall flow, which is both unique and a lot of fun. Furthermore, I’d say this is probably the freshest combat system an RPG has seen in a very long time. That’s pretty impressive for a 3DS game, as I’m counting all platforms.

I’ll also say that the story was pretty decent too. You follow Wind Vestal Agnes Oblige as she travels to awaken four different crystals that are hidden throughout the world. She is joined by the survivor of a town that was recently destroyed, a princess with attitude and an amnesiac. So, like most RPGs, you control a real motley crew. But don’t worry, things change enough along the way that you won’t be able to predict how each character acts or reacts to the world around you.



The Watch Dogs

Aidan Pearce has an axe to grind and he’s taking you along for the ride. Ubisoft’s new third person shooter game Watch Dogs revolutionizes the way we view search and execute games and changes our mind on city structure as well.

Aidan Pearce is out to avenge a violent crime in his past and he uses the complex city network in Chicago to do it. Aidan can access the Central Operating System or cTOS using his cell phone and does so many times to get himself out of hot situations. Aidan also hacks into people’s lives through cTOS and uses the data he gathers to locate the person responsible for the tragedy in his life. He’ll find the information he is looking for and so much more that he hadn’t bargained for.

Ubisoft’s long awaited release will come out on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Wii U on May 27th – don’t miss it!


Unturned, The Best Game for Your Money

In most ways, now’s the best time ever to be a gamer. However, and I may just be complaining here, it’s also one of the most difficult. For one thing, there are more titles than ever before which can make it very trying to figure out which one is worth your money. And then that’s the other fact. All these games cost a good chunk of change and most are also made to help you spend more of it over time, with things like expansion packs, software and hardware additions and much, much more. The only money you would need to spend with unturned is to get an unturned hack. Fortunately, there are some options out there that really deliver without asking for a lot. So in that sense, I’d say Unturned is the best game on the market right now for your money.

Free Access

Alright, to be fair, this is a fairly easy statement to make when you consider the fact that Unturned is completely free. It’s also on the Steam network, so you’re not exactly needing to travel far to pick this title up. However, there are plenty of free titles out there that don’t deserve this kind of coverage.

Great Community

One of the reasons Unturned has become so popular is because those who love it have helped in so many ways. If you go on YouTube, for example, you can find countless videos showing off aspects of the games users love or even showcases of them failing, yet having a good time. Not many games have their players advertising how fun it is to come up short.

Great Idea

Unturned has a very simple premise: you’ve lived through the initial apocalypse, but now zombies are looking to make you into a meal. You and your friends will need to work together to survive this dangerous time.

However, while that isn’t the most original idea ever, the game itself contains some very redeeming ones. From the actual gameplay to the number of ways you can end up dead, Unturned simply will not disappoint.

Easy Gameplay

Lastly, it won’t take you all afternoon to make the most out of the gameplay. After all, it’s often compared to Minecraft and DayZ for good reason. The game itself is still very challenging, but getting into it and learning how to play is absolutely not.

So if you could use a new title a the moment and don’t want to break the bank, my recommendation is Unturned for the above reasons.